baltimore, md

“Baltimore, Maryland: There’s more than murder here!” The neatly folded t-shirts in the trendy Hampden neighborhood shop, Trohv, seem to perfectly sum up Baltimore residents’ sentiments about their city. “Actually, I like it,” reads a bumper sticker down the street. If you tell anyone who lives in Baltimore that you’re headed there for the weekend, … Continue reading baltimore, md

charleston, sc

OK, so as of lately, Charleston is admittedly becoming a bit of a destination. But long before its reputation as an up and coming city began to take shape, its charming architecture, rich history, and dazzling landscapes humbly framed the city in a most quiet and unassuming way. Locals can tell you how much the … Continue reading charleston, sc

jacksonville, fl

There’s more than one side to every city, and Jacksonville, Florida is certainly no exception. Some of its sides make themselves more readily apparent than others. Those are not necessarily its best sides. But if you stay for a little while, and see past—or even embrace—the aggressive pan handlers, the apathetic dinner options (Hooters on … Continue reading jacksonville, fl