chasing sunsets in san diego

When I travel, I have a steadfast rule that taking pictures is always sacrificial to the experience. In other words, the experience is the priority, and photographing what I’m experiencing is a happy consequence—not the other way around. Maybe that makes me a subpar photographer, or maybe it makes me an excellent traveler—I’m not sure, … Continue reading chasing sunsets in san diego

beauty in brookland

Recently I was out shooting, as I often am, exploring a lesser-known neighborhood in Washington, D.C. called Brookland. I stopped on an overpass to take a picture of some train tracks in front of a giant brick building with “BROOKLAND” brushed across it in big white letters. “Excuse me,” I heard a voice behind me … Continue reading beauty in brookland

mccarthy, alaska

I’ve spent the last two years living largely out of a carry-on suitcase and a backpack. I think a lot about what that means. For starters, I think it means I own a house that’s overflowing with things I don’t need in Connecticut. It also means I sometimes fantasize about giving away all of my … Continue reading mccarthy, alaska

rino on the rise

If you’ve ever been to Colorado, you’ve probably been to Denver. But if you have been to Denver, you have likely not been to the coolest neighborhood in town—the River North Art District. Truly embodying the definition of an up-and-coming neighborhood, River North, or “RiNo” as it’s better known (you know it’s a neighborhood on … Continue reading rino on the rise