in the artist’s studio: amy archambault / simsbury, ct

Something interesting happens when artists work together. Ideas are shared, thoughts are provoked—there’s a mutual, reciprocal inspiration that occurs naturally between two creatives who typically create in a solitary sphere. It’s silent and subconscious, but there’s an inherent understanding that exists between two like minds. The same thing happens with any like-minded people, I suppose—artists, … Continue reading in the artist’s studio: amy archambault / simsbury, ct

mv & baby makes three

  I’m not going to lie: I was a little nervous about how starting a family would affect our ability to travel. I felt like every time I’d ever seen a couple with children at an airport/bus terminal/train station they were always juggling armfuls of carriers, baggage, and general crap while run-pushing a stroller to … Continue reading mv & baby makes three

kent, ct

OK—it’s been a while since I’ve posted. About the exact amount of time it takes to grow a baby, have it, and then eventually start sleeping again. Coincidence? Maybe. In any case, here we are—and in spite of all that I’ve been working on this past year, the adventures have far from stopped…even if I’ve … Continue reading kent, ct