in the artist’s studio: amy archambault / simsbury, ct

Something interesting happens when artists work together. Ideas are shared, thoughts are provoked—there’s a mutual, reciprocal inspiration that occurs naturally between two creatives who typically create in a solitary sphere. It’s silent and subconscious, but there’s an inherent understanding that exists between two like minds. The same thing happens with any like-minded people, I suppose—artists, … Continue reading in the artist’s studio: amy archambault / simsbury, ct

mv & baby makes three

  I’m not going to lie: I was a little nervous about how starting a family would affect our ability to travel. I felt like every time I’d ever seen a couple with children at an airport/bus terminal/train station they were always juggling armfuls of carriers, baggage, and general crap while run-pushing a stroller to … Continue reading mv & baby makes three